Know More About West Hills Montessori.

A great teacher is one who prepares students to open their minds and hearts to be available for learning. West Hills Montessori teachers do that, and more. By encouraging children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate, and discover – the passionate, caring educational team at West Hills Montessori creates the physical, intellectual and social/emotional environment in which your child is certain to thrive.

Our staff consists of certified Montessori teachers and dedicated enrichment teachers, many of whom hold Master’s Degrees in their area of specialty. They are as passionate as they are patient; they not only encourage, but inspire active participation both in and outside the classroom. West Hills Montessori teachers don’t simply present lessons; they are facilitators, mentors, coaches, and guides.

The primary role of a Montessori teacher is not so much to relay facts and concepts as it is capture the imagination of students and direct their activity to where they can discover knowledge for themselves. The goal is to give the children just enough to capture their attention and spark their interest, intriguing them enough so that they will be motivated to independently work with the learning materials and carry over this attitude into their lives.

The teachers at West Hills Montessori also closely monitor their students’ progress. Since they normally work with each child for two or three years, our teachers come to know their students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, and personalities extremely well. In fact, they often use the children’s interests to enrich the curriculum and provide alternate opportunities for accomplishment and success.